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ReelReporter.com provides unbiased fishing reel reviews and customer feedback from real anglers who have actually purchased and tested all of the reels shown here.

We are not affiliated or associated with any of the reel manufacturers or brand names listed here at our site.

Our goal is to provide anglers with enough information to help you make an informed buying decision when looking for a new reel.

We base our research summaries on the following criteria:

  • If a reel has little or no negative feedback, it receives an "Outstanding Value" rating.
  • If a reel has only a few negative reports or comments, the reel receives an "Excellent Value" rating.
  • If a reel seems to have more than a few negative reports or comments, but still has an overly positive rating by customers, we give it a "Good Value" rating.
  • If a reel is too new to have garnered any kind of customer feedback, we will state that fact in our research summary.

We will not highlight or feature reels that are not a good value, so if we highlight or feature a reel here on our site, you can rest assured that it is, at minimum, a good value.

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