Shimano Calais 4x8 DC Review
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Shimano Calais 4x8 DC Review

The original Digital Control (DC) system Shimano's Calais DC had one pre-programmed braking curve on the internal DC circuit board of the reel, and eight settings along this curve worked by increasing or decreasing the amount of braking force. This was an excellent "all-around" curve, ideal for most bass fishing and inshore applications. However, the original DC system was not ideal for skipping, pitching, and other applications requiring slow spool speeds. To address these slow-speed concerns, Shimano thoroughly analyzed casting mechanisms for various environmental and mechanical conditions. They divided these situations into four different modes and created four profiles to handle each situation. Each mode has 8 different brake-strength settings for 32 brake settings total.

Shimano Calais 4x8 DC Reviews

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