Shimano Calcutta TE 700 Round Review
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Shimano Calcutta TE 700 Round Review

For demanding situations, the Calcutta TE 700 is the reel to have. Powerhouse construction includes a forged aluminum frame with aluminum spool and side-plates for flex-free performance under the heaviest strain. Its Super Stopper anti-reverse is supported by an exclusive Assist Stopper backup system—no give, ever—and anon-disengaging levelwind. High Efficiency Gearing, VBS centrifugal brake, Dartanium drag, audible clicker.

Shimano Calcutta TE 700 Round Reviews

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According to the general online consensus, where our research is based on unbiased customer comments and user feedback, this is an outstanding reel and outstanding value for the money. There were few, if any, negative reports on this reel.