Shimano Sustain FE Review
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Shimano Sustain FE Review

One of the top choices among professional anglers, the Shimano Sustain FE Spinning Reel has a reputation for durability and toughness few other reels can match. However, the addition of the all-new Paladin and Propulsion systems takes this distinction to new heights. The combination of metals in the drive system and advanced line management features will bring a noticeable improvement in your fishing. Smoother and more powerful than ever, with the features top anglers need: lightweight aluminum frame; aluminum spool with titanium lip; Aero Wrap II; machined-aluminum direct drive handle; exclusive SR-Concept design; Fluidrive II; Dyna-Balance; Floating Shaft; Super Stopper II; waterproof drag; maintenance port. Includes a FREE spare aluminum spool with titanium lip.

Shimano Sustain FE Reviews

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According to the general online consensus, where our research is based on unbiased customer comments and user feedback, this is a good reel and good value for the money. There were some negative comments about this reel, but not enough to give it an overall negative rating.